Our senses crave old fashioned objects

Old school crafting is alive and thriving. A revival for dotted bullet journals, high end colored markers, oil painting tutorials is demonstrating there’s no slow down in traditional ways to create. At the same time, more impressive creative digital apps are being developed for everything from painting to making music, but are not hampering the desire for the original methods.

While the results of creations are shared online, people still want to make it in the old fashioned way – maybe because their senses are awakened in a way you can’t get through a device alone.

The smell of the markers, the feel that paintbrush gives you as you brush it over the canvas, or the weight of a journal in your hands. We can’t stop ourselves from being happy with these things. Most devices feel and look the same –  phones, TV’s, laptops and home speaker devices are uniform and are therefore difficult to tell apart. What if some devices were designed purposely to mimic some of the joy we got from real physical things like a leather-bound journal disguising an electronic inside or a luxury home device you could match with your interiors?

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