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At Recknsense we want to find you the fastest shortcuts to wisdom. If you’re an ambitious kind of outsider, you’ve come to the right place.


We collect first hand recommendations that contain real, human wisdom. You’ll see specific themed requests like ‘how do you get started in X?’ or ‘what’s are the best resources for Y?’.


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Recknsense began as a blog on humans centered technology. We’re always interested to meet with others who share our interests so please reach out to on e-mail or twitter.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter below.



About The Founder


Shomila Malik is a product leader with an accomplished deep-tech consumer portfolio, including multiple AI projects: Skype, Microsoft, IBM, Telefonica, Financial Times, Bank of America. 

Find out more about what inspired Recknsense; “How the search for new technology always led back to the enduring mysteries of being human”