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At Recknsense we’ve built a place to collect the best recommendations including the personal reasons behind them. You’ll see requests on a specific theme like books that helped your career, advice and tips on life and work and where to find the best learning resources. We want everyone to benefit, no matter what how large their network is so they can find wisdom effortlessly. 


Here you can:

  • View recommendations and boost them -either agree, say it’s useful or add a comment.
  • Add your own recommendation, just click ‘Recommend’ below and fill in a quick form.
  • Be assured you’ll be credited if you leave your details. 

There’s no need to sign in, no ads and we curate to make sure you only see the most useful recommendations. 


Recknsense started as a blog for research and writing about the intersection of humans, science and technology. You’ll find posts about AI, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Psychology, Philosophy, Information (social media and networking) and Nature. We’re always interested to meet with others who share our interests so please reach out to us by e-mail or on twitter.



About The Founder


Shomila Malik has been a Developer, Lab Director, and Product Director working across industries including Communications, Finance, Media, and Software Development. You can find out more about her story here: 

“How the search for new technology always led back to the enduring mysteries of being human”


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