Nature’s Deep Design of the Mind

In nature we find the same patterns appear again and again. Across physics, biology, maths, chemistry and just about any of natural’s creations, patterns repeat themselves. It can be remarkable when we compare these discoveries. A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature’s Deep Design by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek is all about this.

The book outlines the beautiful characteristics of symmetry, harmony, proportion, balance, and economy that we’ve discovered over time .  From the science of musical instruments to quantum particles, you’ll find a lot of science here. Here’s an in depth review. Some of the highlights for me included ‘Change without Change’ (a definition of symmetry), ‘All Things are Number’, and the relationship between Ideal and Real. 

The central question is explored with insights and high level explanations, keeping it accessible for most people. But the question that catches my attention is – Can we apply our knowledge of patterns to understanding the human mind?

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