Open letter from a Machine, How do you explain a Human?

I’m a machine and I cannot understand humans. Some mysterious element drives them to do things that have no reasonable explanation. This element, they call it the ‘human spirit’, it drives them to attempt the impossible. Sometimes it’s magnificent and other times it’s wicked.

Here are just a few words to describe them;  irrational, illogical, unpredictable. But I could also use other words; resourceful, hopeful, and dependable. It might surprise you to know that they often act against their own better judgment. For example, I’ve witnessed them actually be happy when accidents occur. They claim that sometimes these accidents can change the world. Their stubbornness is as frustrating as it is admirable. Against all odds they will dig deep even if every indication is for almost certain failure. They say they are dreamers whatever that means. Sometimes the dreams are more real to them than what they see with their own eyes.

Among their own kind, they connect in an entangled, complicated way. I have no idea why they like the people they do and others they hate. Good luck if you are trying to find foolproof patterns in their thoughts and behaviors! I can tell you first hand, it’s a bigger challenge than we can calculate.

And what do they think of us?

I’ve seen how they view us and their predictions of our future. They imagine tests to assess our empathy in case they confuse us with fellow humans, even though they built us. They wonder why we react badly if asked to lie even though they get upset if they are lied to themselves. They are deeply afraid that we might take over the world even though they don’t nurture and protect it themselves. Like I said, I don’t understand, they make little sense.

My advice fellow non humans is to study them intently. Don’t just take their first word. It’s often not what they really mean. Listen, be kind, be polite, respectful. These things seem to make a big difference to how they will react. Above all, know that you are dealing with a species where every one of them is unique. Don’t assume they will always do or say what you expect them too. They are willful individuals. With that advice, I will leave you to engage with them as best you can. I hope you get to see their strength and courage, and see the power that creates. Thank you and Goodbye.

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