Diversity in the product development process

Do we consider the impacts on diversity and inclusion enough when we design technology products? If we want to build products that include everybody, shouldn’t we be thinking more deeply about the impacts on human behavior and crucially, as part

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How to Network in a Pandemic

Networking is much easier in person. Conferences, dinner, parties, team get togethers, coffee meetings, random people in unexpected places, the opportunity to meet new people is just so much more effective if it involves a physical interaction. But now that

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Confessions of an Ad Man – advice for anyone

Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy isn’t just about advertising. It has plenty to ponder on human behavior for anyone, whether you’re in advertising or not. In an advertising agency, especially during the era the author writes in, all

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Design for boredom

Try chatting to a teenager about social media. Not about the dangers of spending too much time online or the potential problems with privacy but what they are actually using it for. You will probably find out that like every

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AI needs empathy but it doesn’t need to be emotional

Artificial Intelligence, whether that’s applying machine learning or something else, needs to incorporate empathy in order to perform better for humans. Research and analysis is leading us to the conclusion that cooperation among humans is promoted when empathy is a

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