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Cheat GuidesS Malik

HBR Classics – The Most Important Ideas

If you’ve been in business a while you’ll recognize the same patterns and pitfalls that …

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Cheat GuidesS Malik

Graphic Guides to…

I love summaries, guides, or any kind of shortcut to knowledge where you can save …

 195 total views

PhilosophyS Malik

The Conquest of Happiness

This is like a self help book before there was a self help category. Bertrand …

 390 total views

Humane TechS Malik

Human Centric AI List on Twitter

A nice little collection of AI/Ethics researchers in this list – worth a follow as …

 575 total views

Essential TechS Malik

Benedict’s Newsletter

I’m not sure what I’d do without Benedict’s take on the latest tech news. Always …

 663 total views

Essential TechS Malik

MIT Tech Review

There are some tech sites you just end up going back to and it’s probably …

 568 total views

Humane TechS Malik


I can’t remember how I came across this but it’s an inspiring and refreshing read …

 597 total views

D ThanigasapapathyPhilosophy

The Egg – Andy Weir

Philosophical look at the nature of time, the universe and consciousness in a few pages…it …

 697 total views

P GoldingPowerful Math

Bayesian Statistics: The Fun Way

Provides a decent enough primer about Bayesian Statistics with, per the author’s claim, fun examples. …

 570 total views

Artificial IntelligenceS Malik

The Alignment Problem

If you’ve been following AI and the issues associated with allowing machines to make decisions …

 546 total views

Creative ToolsR Comley

Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

If you are familiar with Brian Eno or Peter Schmidt you might think about how …

 587 total views

H KhanInfluential Books

Atomic Habits

We are all creatures of habits, good and bad, and instilling new ones like eating …

 517 total views

Artificial IntelligenceC Sun

AI for Everyone

Short and engaging easy to understand course on what AI is about. What I love …

 527 total views

P GoldingPowerful Math

What is “scientific”, really?

Given the current emphasis on “believing in science” (a meaningless category of belief), I can’t …

 641 total views

Humane TechS Malik

All Tech is Human

All Tech is Human is one of the most active organizations I’ve found so far. …

 502 total views

Creative ToolsS Malik

The Cut Up Technique (Bowie & Burroughs)

First popularized by William S Burroughs, this creative method gained even more attention when it …

 554 total views

Creative ToolsS Malik

Joseph Campbell – Hero’s Journey

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell was published in 1949 and has …

 505 total views

Creative ToolsS Malik

On Writing by Stephen King

I picked this up thinking it would just be an interesting read and that it …

 549 total views

Influential BooksS Malik

The Extreme Self

I found this at Foyles in Waterloo station in London recently, while I was waiting …

 622 total views

Powerful MathS Malik

You and your research by Richard Hamming (Mathematician and Computer scientist)

Sometimes I come across something that I can’t believe I didn’t find sooner. This is …

 632 total views

Powerful MathS Malik

Effective Math

Have you ever wondered why maths so perfectly helps us describe physics? It all fits …

 543 total views

S MalikWatch

Dawson City – Frozen in Time

Imagine finding reels of long lost footage from the turn of the last century. Not …

 557 total views

S MalikWatch

My Octopus Teacher

You’ve probably heard of this for an Oscar winning reason. This film on Netflix won …

 498 total views

Artificial IntelligenceS Malik

Neural – Human Centered AI news from TNW

I found this while researching and coming an article entitled ‘what would happen if we …

 553 total views


Made for Love HBO Max

Ok it was bound to be a technology related one! Made for Love has a …

 533 total views

Influential BooksS Malik

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr & E.B. White (1959)

Writing well is a useful skill in almost any career. Not only for what you …

 556 total views

Quantum IntrosS Malik

Mass by Jim Baggott

If you ever wondered what the Higgs Boson particle was and why it caused so …

 511 total views

Quantum IntrosS Malik

The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli

I discovered the The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli a few years ago and it reignited …

 521 total views

Influential BooksS Devonshire

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden (2003)

Refreshing, funny, thought provoking and liberating for your attitude. A must for anyone interested in …

 478 total views

Influential BooksJ Minhas

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by Robert Pirzig (1974)

I read this book in my first year at Uni. It might sound a bit …

 530 total views

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