Recommendations? The best ones come from humans

If you’re looking for a really good recommendation where do you go?

Online recommendations usually apply an algorithm based on previous history or popularity. The problem with that approach is that we often get served more of the same (sometimes even exactly the same thing we already own). More often than not the recommendation is just a common, average suggestion made to everybody.


For truly useful and insightful recommendations, what are the options?


You could ask online via a forum or specialist help group but it’s challenging to get a timely answer by that method. Sometimes it works remarkably well to ask a community of knowledgable people what they think but commonly you’re met with silence, especially if you don’t already have followers, connections or a substantial history of activity on the platform. Searching for a really useful high quality and timely recommendation can prove to be elusive. If you do find it though, it can be worth every last bit of effort. It can save you time and money, open the door to new lucrative opportunities and fingers crossed, lead to something you would never have been able to discover without it. A good recommendation has the power to change everything.


The benefit of first hand experience


The most effective form of recommendation that I’ve found is through a real person who is willing to give you the benefit of their first hand experience.

The power of old fashioned, curated advice is second to none. It’s because the ‘giver’ has thought about a good response carefully. There is nothing more useful than being given an exclusive nugget of wisdom from someone who’s been there and knows that. Some of my most important life changing recommendations all came through people’s recommendations e.g. where to find a job, where to study, what career advice to take, what hotels to stay at and what places to live. In some cases the advice is volunteered and in other cases you might deliberately seek an answer. Either way, it’s that real human recommendation that makes you listen up and take heed.


Human recommendation lists


That’s why there is a new recommendation list here on recknsense. The recommendation lists present specific requests with the responses powered by a human recommendation engine. It starts with a simple request that could be useful for others e.g. what are the business books that strongly influenced your career? The idea is that these helpful lists allow you to pass on the benefit of your wisdom. A good list could shortcut your search and help you find good quality recommendations more easily.

This first iteration of the feature is deliberately simple. A single list of recommendations that are curated and managed. Just scan the list and if you have a recommendation that isn’t already there, click ‘Add’ and fill in the short form to provide a link to the book and the reason you recommend it (plus your name and e-mail so we can credit you and say thanks). Providing your personal reason is key – after all this is the bit machine learning just can’t give you.


So if you want to be part of this and help compile the first recknsense recommendation list, please check it out. The target is 100 books. The list will stay on reckn sense, with no adverts, no threads to search through, no extra clicks and pages to scroll through – just one list, hand curated by humans, for humans.

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