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Hugging Face Community and Platform

I just came across this partly through their DALL-E mini application and then again when I was searching for more details about the BERT machine learning model. I kept hearing

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HBR Classics – The Most Important Ideas

If you’ve been in business a while you’ll recognize the same patterns and pitfalls that happen almost cyclically. It’s reassuring to know there may be resolutions to some classic situations

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Graphic Guides to…

I love summaries, guides, or any kind of shortcut to knowledge where you can save yourself huge amounts of time because some good person put together a quick cheat sheet

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The Conquest of Happiness

This is like a self help book before there was a self help category. Bertrand Russell was such a witty, intelligent philosopher and although there is plenty that would be

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Human Centric AI List on Twitter

A nice little collection of AI/Ethics researchers in this list – worth a follow as you get to hear from some of the best experts in the field. Link here.

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Benedict’s Newsletter

I’m not sure what I’d do without Benedict’s take on the latest tech news. Always on point, never misses a beat. I’m always recommending it to people in the industry.

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MIT Tech Review

There are some tech sites you just end up going back to and it’s probably because the content is always high quality. There are lots of great topics – everything

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I can’t remember how I came across this but it’s an inspiring and refreshing read – there’s always something different and interesting on offer. It’s more than a Substack publication

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The Egg – Andy Weir

Philosophical look at the nature of time, the universe and consciousness in a few pages…it made me look at everyone else in a different way.  1,429 total views

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Bayesian Statistics: The Fun Way

Provides a decent enough primer about Bayesian Statistics with, per the author’s claim, fun examples. Despite the frolics, some of the examples can be quite instructive, such as estimating the

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The Alignment Problem

If you’ve been following AI and the issues associated with allowing machines to make decisions for us, you’ll need to read this. It’s one of the best I’ve come across

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Atomic Habits

We are all creatures of habits, good and bad, and instilling new ones like eating well, or exercising, or simply remembering to pay bills on time can be so freeing.

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AI for Everyone

Short and engaging easy to understand course on what AI is about. What I love about this course is that it talks about value AI in industries as well as

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What is “scientific”, really?

Given the current emphasis on “believing in science” (a meaningless category of belief), I can’t recommend highly enough Zoltan Dienes’ exploration of scientific inference – Understanding Psychology as a Science:

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All Tech is Human

All Tech is Human is one of the most active organizations I’ve found so far. There are lots of papers written on the topic which you can access on their

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The Cut Up Technique (Bowie & Burroughs)

First popularized by William S Burroughs, this creative method gained even more attention when it was cited by David Bowie. Bowie described the application of this method to help inspire

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Joseph Campbell – Hero’s Journey

The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell was published in 1949 and has had a far reaching impact on storytelling ever since. In fact, the hero’s journey as

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On Writing by Stephen King

I picked this up thinking it would just be an interesting read and that it wouldn’t apply to me as I didn’t do creative writing. Then I realized once I

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The Extreme Self

I found this at Foyles in Waterloo station in London recently, while I was waiting around. I wish I could say this happened more often as I love any excuse

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Effective Math

Have you ever wondered why maths so perfectly helps us describe physics? It all fits together so well by a happy coincidence. This a famous article by physicist Eugene Wigner

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Dawson City – Frozen in Time

Imagine finding reels of long lost footage from the turn of the last century. Not just any old footage but long forgotten-about film showing the first hand experiences of the

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My Octopus Teacher

You’ve probably heard of this for an Oscar winning reason. This film on Netflix won Best Documentary this year and it was well deserving. The star of the film is

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