Atomic Habits

Submitted by: > Humeera Khan, Marketing Director, Global Impact at Splunk

We are all creatures of habits, good and bad, and instilling new ones like eating well, or exercising, or simply remembering to pay bills on time can be so freeing. However, changing habits can sometimes feel like a mammoth task. This book shows that tiny changes are better than big ones, and the best way to embed them in your life is to layer them, or ‘stack them’ as the author calls it, into existing habits. So for example, I now know when I go to make a cup of tea and breakfast, I also take my vitamins for the day, and have created visual cues by having them organized next to my kettle. I also love his two minute rule to get started. So if you want to start running, he suggests setting a 2 minute goal of putting on running shoes, as the rest usually follows. Reducing procrastination helps get to the end goal. A great read that is entertaining till the end, so I highly recommend it.

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