You and your research by Richard Hamming (Mathematician and Computer scientist)

Sometimes I come across something that I can’t believe I didn’t find sooner. This is one of those things. It’s more than research as the title suggests. As Hamming himself states at the open, this could have been called ‘You and your career’. There are many truly insightful takeaways. I’m still digesting. The biggest is to work on important problems which sounds obvious but think about what you spend most of your time on at work and reflect. Other advice should be of comfort to anyone going through a period of assessment – it’s not always the highest IQ people who succeed, working hard is good but be careful as it’s really about working on the right problems at the right time. Confidence is a big factor as well as sticking with a problem. Saving Friday afternoons for ‘great thoughts’ is something I naturally did but never called out. This whole article is short, to the point and exceptionally inspiring.

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