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S Malik

MIT Tech Review

There are some tech sites you just end up going

 564 total views


I can’t remember how I came across this but it’s

 596 total views

The Alignment Problem

If you’ve been following AI and the issues associated with

 542 total views

All Tech is Human

All Tech is Human is one of the most active

 501 total views

The Extreme Self

I found this at Foyles in Waterloo station in London

 621 total views

Effective Math

Have you ever wondered why maths so perfectly helps us

 539 total views

My Octopus Teacher

You’ve probably heard of this for an Oscar winning reason.

 497 total views

Mass by Jim Baggott

If you ever wondered what the Higgs Boson particle was

 510 total views

Solid Project

This explanation says it all but I like the fact

 430 total views

Farnam Street Blog

I’m not sure how I found this but it’s always

 354 total views

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