Taschen’s The Copy Book

I love the Taschen series of books. This one is another classic that I couldn’t put it down. Who better to tell us the secrets of getting a reader’s attention than advertisers? In this case, the people who write the copy that goes into some of the world’s best advertising. This book features work and essays from 53 leading professionals around the world. From The Economist to Nike – you’ll recognize the styles and be let into some of the ‘secrets’ of writing impactful words. The best thing is the essays are all engaging because these experts know their craft. It’s an easy, enjoyable read with lots of adverts to refer to. Some made me very nostalgic.  This says it all:

The Copy Book convinced me that everyone in the business should study the art of copywriting

– Fortune.com

I’m not in advertising or marketing but like most people, I write every day – so why not try to do it better?

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