The Content is the Message

Sharing content today involves making a decision on a huge choice of options in which to communicate that content. 

Personal messages, broadcasting updates, sharing knowledge, interacting with a business – so many different ways exist that convey a message of their own on top of the content. Choosing text message can be casual or brief but moods can be conveyed with careful choice of emojis whereas calling on the phone can give away emotion without trying.  In ‘The Medium is the Message’ by Marshall McLuhan (written over 50 years ago), he put forward this very premise that the medium chosen plays a role in addition to the content itself.

But are we at the stage now where the medium has distracted us too much from the content and we are over indexing to such an extent that we risk ignoring the content itself?

The choice of broadcaster can lead to immediate dismissal for some people and yet for others be unquestionable truth, without even waiting for the content. Has it always been that way or is it getting worse?

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