The Future is Unwritten but the Past is a Familiar Story

The Future is Unwritten is a documentary film from 2007 directed by Julien Temple about Joe Strummer, lead singer of The Clash. It was the winner of Best Independent Film Awards among other accolades it received.

I found it on Hulu and I love an inspiring story about a real person. I was curious about Strummer, having grown  up familiar with their music. This film is energetic, packed full of early footage, and reveals interviews with close friends and admirers. We learn about Strummer’s wide world view that he brought into his music. His determination to succeed. The ups and downs. A pattern of life we can be familiar with. Like a heroes journey, from the ordinary world to the special world and back again. These quotes will stick with me (as well as the discovery of the Nina Simone’s ‘To Love Somebody’ on the soundtrack). There are some hints at the parts of the past Strummer might have let go in the film but to anybody, the sentiment will resonate. We can change anything and everything, if we really want to.

“Everyone has got to realize you can’t hold onto the past if you want any future. Each second should lead to the next one”

“People can change anything they want to, and that means everything in the world”


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