The Order of Time – A Beautiful Explanation of Quantum Physics

I discovered the The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli a few years ago and it reignited my interest in Quantum Physics. This is the original review that reeled me in. The title caught my attention initially because the focus was on the concept of time. Time is a mysterious topic. It changes in unexpected circumstances, it’s perceived in different ways and scientists still ponder what it actually is. It turns out that time and quantum physics go hand in hand. The book is in three sections; the understanding of time in modern physics, what happens without time and finally the latest theories on time including Rovelli’s own research into Quantum Gravity which present some of the most recent theories in the field.

One of the intriguing things was the link between time and heat. As things heat up, thermal agitation increases, which leads to entropy and disorder. This can distinguish the past and the future. There are many surprising assertions about time (at least for me) that I won’t spoil for you.

The tone of this book is poetic. It’s always in awe of the amazing world we live in. The best part is that it simplifies very difficult concepts into something most people could understand, allowing for greater access. This can only be a good thing for technology research overall.

As much information as there is about the concept of time and the theories that exist, there are still many open questions. It leaves you feeling small, knowing there is so much we don’t know about our world. And finally, unlike most other science books, there’s only one equation mentioned (good news for some).

I’ll leave you with something recent by Carlo Rovelli talking about the pandemic reminding us we are only human and encouraging collaboration and science to overcome it.

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