Technology needs to know a lot more about humans

The business of a philosopher is not to change the world but to understand it better’ (Bertrand Russell).

Russell dedicated much of his work to explaining philosophy so that it was more accessible. He was frustrated by writers who created a ‘mist’ to their work, making it hard to understand concepts without a deep knowledge of philosophy. Instead, he wanted philosophy to help us understand the world and ourselves in a practical way so it could benefit humanity. Now more than ever we need more understanding of ourselves, what we are creating and the impact it has in the world.

The internet made information more accessible, but now we need more methods to understand it.

Our uniquely human ability to make connections means we can see beyond the unpredictable to find solutions that can’t be recreated in an algorithm. Humans are best designed to understand the world and it usually starts with observations about ourselves and the things we interact with.

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