What’s the most important part of a WFH routine?


Many of us are now Working From Home (WFH) and it looks like it could be long term. 

We have new routines, that may or may not include remote learning with kids.

What is the most effective part of your new routine? e.g. Start early, close the laptop at 5, go for a walk at mid day….

1 thought on “What’s the most important part of a WFH routine?”

  1. I wake up around 7am.Sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on how well I slept. These days, I have a lot of trouble either getting to bed or going back to sleep after I wake. I blame Covid for insomnia and strange sleeping patterns. After two cups of strong coffee and lots of shouting and nagging at teenagers to wake up, I start work. The most effective part of my routine is without doubt, a daily walk. There is something about traveling that makes the mind clearer – at least for me. However my day is going, if I can get out for a walk (smoky fires permitting), I am happier.

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