Why I created a place for ideas and observations

I created Recknsense as a place I could post ideas, observations or references about human behavior and technology. I did this in the hope it might one day lead to a few new solutions that could be better for humans.

Coming from a position of an insider for many years, I helped create solutions based on new technologies that I had hoped would be good for us. I came into this industry believing technology could lead to new opportunities and benefits for humans, especially to those who wouldn’t normally have access to them.

But as new technology first appears, it usually grows so fast, it can be difficult to foresee the problems that come with it. As creators, we’ve been guilty of ignoring issues when they did come to light. I can tell you from my own experience, it’s unpopular to point out the negatives, from within the system, especially if that requires you to slow down. It’s also very hard to predict human behavior that comes with new technology – there’s no denying that some people will go to extremes, testing the boundaries, and in some cases successfully finding the loop holes to serve a bad intention. Sometimes there is no way of knowing what the impact will be.

We may not be able to undo what we already created but at each turn, we can try and suggest new innovations that could steer us on a better path.

Today we know social networks are contributing to feelings of depression, we know this but we lack ideas for on how to reverse or improve it. Tomorrow we could be trying to unpick the effects of AI on ethical decision making that has even more impact on people’s lives. We can discuss it, criticize it, make efforts to understand it but by far the most effective tool for change, is making something else that moves us in a new direction. So I’ve started with the intention to post my own ideas and observations and invite those of others.

It’s a work in progress but one that I hope will at least stimulate something positive to promote the design and development of better technology for humans.

These ideas are not fully formed but early thoughts; notions, observations and references that could form new connections from which to start. It’s a place for me to store my own ideas as much as a place for others to read and perhaps spark off their own ideas.

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